Fighter Blacklist


3-25-17 Joshua Oxendine Titans of the Cage 19 Unpaid  Advanced Event Tickets (20)
4-2-16 William Coleman - PERMANENT - Medical Suspension
4-2-16 Joseph Wright Titans of the Cage 16 Fighter NO SHOW - Day of Event
4-2-16 Josh Tuggle Titans of the Cage 16 Pending VALID Medical Excuse
12-19-15 Ben Creed Titans of the Cage 15 Fighter NO SHOW - Day of Event
12-6-14 Coy Morrison Titans of the Cage XI

Repeated NO SHOWS. (3)

Morrison no shows the day of event without explanation.

10-25-14 Jon Hudson UR FIGHT 2 NO SHOW
10-25-14 Jason McCoy UR FIGHT 2 NO SHOW
6-28-14 Cody Gibson Titans of the Cage IX Unpaid Fighter License Fee
6-28-14 Joshua (Josh) Cox Titans of the Cage IX Unpaid  Fighter License Fee
6-28-14 Brandon Williams Titans of the Cage IX

Unpaid-Fighter and Corner License Fees

6-28-14 Travis Board Titans of the Cage IX


Pulled from TITLE Bout claiming serious back injury which has not been documented by a physician to date. Board informed the promotion that he was on bed rest for weeks. Within 3 days of notifing the promotion of "injuries", Travis Board hosted a bonfire and invited friends via facebook to BYOB to his bonfire bash.  These actions lead us to logically assume that Travis Board falsified injuries so that he could abandon his commitments made to the promotion. 

4-26-14 James Loftis UR Fight: 1 NO SHOW
4-26-14 Travis Ginter UR Fight: 1 NO SHOW
4-26-14 Jeremy Hopkins UR Fight: 1 UNPAID ADVANCED TICKET SALES
8-31-13 Tanya DeMoss Titans of the Cage VI NO SHOW
4-13-13 Anthony Snead Titans of the Cage V NO SHOW

 Fighters appearing on the UCAS Blacklist are reported to UCAS by the Event Promoters.  All names and the reasons listed above have been witnessed and documented by the UCAS DIRECTOR assigned to the above listed events.  

In our efforts to preserve a standard of conduct and integrity within the sport, all fighters listed above must address the above conduct and be cleared by the UCAS Director before being permitted to participate in ANY FUTURE UCAS Sanctioned Events. This includes participation in any tournament such as: Jiu-Jitsu, Sport Karate, Kickboxing or any Expo Bouts which are overseen and/or officiated by United Combat Arts Sanctioning.